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Fraudulence can be a high priced and cumbersome offense that influences not only organization but individual people likewise. It can damage business and lives and at Private Investigator Coventry we think these particular bad guys, who are only out for their own gain, must be made to stop and disciplined and made responsible for their offence and compensate the victim.

Finding these offenders will take effort and could be costly but our understanding and helpful Coventry private investigators can assist you by using our cost effective and efficient fraud investigation services. Our private investigators are devoted to finding these people and determining the simple truth.

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Coventry Fraud Investigations

Private Investigator Coventry has been hired numerous times by various companies to handle their affairs, which have so far included employee monitoring, surveillance, asset tracing and fraud investigations. Our agency was able to do this thanks to the versatility of our teams, gathered at Private Investigator Coventry, hosting finest detectives in the entire UK. Building a good reputation among the clients is difficult, but our private detectives are skilled experts and the best at what they do, and they work hard on solving the cases. Private Investigator Coventry receives daily calls regarding various issues. We got a call from a man who wanted to schedule a meeting with and our agency did do promptly. The potential client came in next week and he told us what bothered him. He was the president of a large company which was doing great financially and had a large number of employees. As he told us, the larger the company, the larger the risk of some abuse of company assets. He called us because his company started receiving invoices for suppliers. Some renovations and repairs were indeed being done at the company, but our potential client felt like the costs were a bit too high, so he wanted Private Investigator Coventry to have a look into the matter.

Fraud Investigations in Coventry

Private Investigator Coventry investigators, after dealing with financial aspects of the investigation and signing the contract, got involved on the case. They had a look at the company records, which showed the expenses of the company during the last three months, which our client provided for us. After consulting with some financial experts and accountants in our agency, Private Investigator Coventry investigators got a lucky break in the case. They found some suspicious expenses on the list, as the company didn't need bathtubs, flat screen television sets, marital beds and other household furniture and appliances. Private Investigator Coventry informed the client about this immediately and told him to keep an eye on his employees. When our detectives started digging deeper into the data, they concluded that someone was redirecting supplier invoices and charging the renovations in his home to a company account. Using the identification number, Private Investigator Coventry found out the name of the employee who falsified the invoices. With that being done, our private investigators called our client for a consultation and a final meeting at our office.

Two days later, the client came to Private Investigator Coventry office, impatient to hear what our private investigators were able to find out. Our Private Investigator Coventry showed him the records with the crucial data highlighted. We explained that one of his employees was remodelling his house and he charged all the expenses to a company account by falsifying supplier invoices. Private Investigator Coventry investigators then provided our client with the name of a man responsible for it. Our client was shocked to find out that it was one of the senior managers the company, and also one of his closest associates. The client would suspect that he would do such a thing. He would handle the matter thanks to the help of Private Investigator Coventry.

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