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At times Private Investigator Coventry is contacted by business clients to handle employee monitoring issues. These services are carried out by our skilled and professional private investigators for many reasons. We have a solution that is effective and cost effective that will get the results you need for whatever the reasons.

Employee monitoring services carried out by our Coventry private investigators maybe to check into your staff attendance and productivity. We can install covert CCTV or secret video cameras through your working environment to keep track of productiveness, submit undercover detectives to locate rouge staff and execute surveillance on all staff that you could think of deceitful or untrustworthy actions.

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Coventry Employee Monitoring

While it is imperative for every company to have constant high-speed internet access on all of its computers, aside from the benefits, there are also numerous drawbacks, but mostly it's the human factor that comes into play. The employees are known to use the company computers for purposes that aren't even remotely related to the job they were supposed to be performing, which decreases the productivity of the company. Instead of working, workers usually spend their time playing online games, chatting or downloading. Private Investigator Coventry is fully aware of this, and that's why our teams of private investigators are also capable of handling this type of problems. Many of our regular clients are companies who want to increase their productivity of the company by monitoring the work force and their activities in the workplace. One such case was the one we're about to present. A client called into the office of Private Investigator Coventry wanting to hire us, as we came highly recommended for our services, which he needed. He ran a company whose productivity has been going down steadily and the internet use had gone up at the same time. He had warned his employees that they should only use the internet for work-related matters, and not for their own entertainment, but they obviously ignored his warnings. So, he decided to go to Private Investigator Coventry to see if we would be able to help him, as we've been able to help some of his business partners in the past with same problem.

Employee Monitoring in Coventry

Private Investigator Coventry presented him with some examples of our previous work, which proved our agency is more than capable of handling such a task, and also we have shown him the numbers of the companies that have hired us previously, all of which have gone up since Private Investigator Coventry conducted an investigation. The client was aware of this, and he decided to hire us immediately, no questions asked. He only wanted us to solve his predicament as quickly as possible. Private Investigator Coventry and the client signed an agreement, and our private detectives got on the case right away. Our experts gained access to the company computers and successfully installed the monitoring software and our client would now be able to view the activities of his employees, and their internet usage. Making one final check to make sure everything was working properly, the investigators completed the final stage and called the client in our Private Investigator Coventry office for a meeting.

The client came in the next week, and right away he commended our Private Investigator Coventry agency for our good work, because he was able to increase the productivity of the company almost instantly by replacing some of the employees and warning the ones who stayed that their internet activities would be monitored from now on. Private Investigator Coventry once again solved the case to the satisfaction of the client, who in turn recommended us to other potential clients with the same problem.

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