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Corporate Investigations Coventry

Private Investigator Coventry can carry out many different types corporate investigation services. Our specialist private detectives in Coventry have aided companies on a constant basis to support them and many others with employee monitoring, candidate screening and security devices to list some of our professional services.

Most companies have difficulties with selecting the correct personnel and our corporate investigation professional services have vetted CV's and clarified referrals for education and job certification to ensure prospects are as competent and knowledgeable as his or her information advises. Our highly trained Coventry detectives can help you to keep an eye on your workers via covert surveillance equipment to make certain they are undertaking their tasks to the very best of their skills.

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Background Checks - hire a private investigator in Coventry
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Asset Search - investigator Coventry
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Employee Investigations - private detectives in Coventry
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Lie Detector Test
Lie Detector Tests - private detectives Coventry UK
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Coventry Corporate Investigations

Private Investigator Coventry, in addition to performing standard detective work which might include surveillance, following, tracking, background check or even performing lie detector tests, also helps companies with their business, making sure that everything is performed efficiently and that the work force is not abusing the company policy. As such, we a re one of the rare agencies providing such a service in the UK, and it has earned a reputation of one the best and most diverse detective services in Coventry. Private Investigator Coventry takes great pride in its successfully performed work, and its long list of satisfied clients. We got a call from a man that wanted to meet with our detectives in person, and he would then further explain the nature of his problem. Private Investigator Coventry pencilled him in for the next day. The man came into our office and laid out his case before us. He was a president of a medium-sized company which was constantly expanding, finding new partners, even exporting some of the goods they made and enjoying a good reputation on the market. However, one couldn't arrive to such a conclusion by looking at their numbers, as the profits didn't match the investments or the number of new deals, which should have returned far more money than they did.

Corporate Investigations in Coventry

Our client suspected that the accounting agency, which they used for outsourcing their accounting, might be messing with numbers, and committing a fraud, which costs our client's company money. Private Investigator Coventry told the client that it would be best if the private investigators of Private Investigator Coventry had a look at the numbers of the company, comparing them to the numbers of the accounting service. Once establishing there were irregularities, Private Investigator Coventry investigators would then precede doing a more thorough investigation of the accounting company in question. Our client approved of what we had to say, seeing as we were his only hope of getting to the bottom of the problem. Private Investigator Coventry offered our client a contract, which he signed, and our collaboration could begin.

Private Investigator Coventry investigators had a look at numbers of both the company and the accounting firm, and it was obvious that someone what committing a fraud for inside that firm. Our private detectives then had a deeper look at the matter, even consulting some of the financial experts, which went over the numbers given to us by the client. It was pretty clear that some of the numbers and sums were deliberately inflated, while there were also some costs, which had absolutely nothing to do with our client's company. Once establishing that there was indeed fraud to the damage of our client, Private Investigator Coventry concluded the case and called our client to present him with the facts we were able to gather. The client was angry with the firm he hired to do the accounting and he decided he would terminate the contract he had with them immediately and file a lawsuit against them, thanks to the evidence provided by Private Investigator Coventry.

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